Thursday, April 12, 2012

Back to SEX TALK (Because that is what is really interesting right?)

I love these two pictures and needed to share them! I'm a Cancer Girl! Although, many who know me on a more personal level all will say that I have some Leo in me as well. I don't believe heavily in the astrological signs. I don't let them define me by any means, but they sure are fun to think about when they are accurate! This little post-it-note guide FOR SURE is accurate for me. I'll be that kisser that melts, seduces, and teases you just right but when that bedroom door closes, BAMN here comes the Lion!

Now for the positions chart! I personally am in love with #3. There is nothing hotter than a man that is strong enough to lift you up and on him, supporting you the entire time while your legs are wrapped around him tight. My second favorite would be #12. The 69 position is always best when I get to be on top and straddling your face. And then it becomes a competition. Let me put it this way, if you're getting great head from me in that position you should be worried that you are doing a sucky job. The better job you do, the more distracted I should be getting. Your goal would be to make my mouth incapable of doing much more than being a holding slot for your dick. Make sense?

Please post your feed back! Let me know if your sign matches what you think is your "special" sexy talent. Tell me about your favorite position from the chart below. Do we share the same?

What's Up With My Dad?? - Men in MidLife Crisis'

My dad has finally reached that moment in life. Some refer to is as Man-o-Pause. I've always been my Daddy's little girl and I will always love him to death. However, for the life of me I cannot figure out what his deal is these days. He hit age 57 recently and I think it just sent him over the edge. One day he was trying to grow a beard and was looking like an Arab fresh out of the Middle East. The next day he is cutting his hair freakishly short and doing that spike/gelled thing. Then he started trying to learn to text with his ginormous fingers on his old school flip phone. Before I knew it he was out dating again and trying his hand at romancing the ladies. It looks like he snagged a nice crazy one recently. I couldn't help but share these 2 pictures. I never thought that I would see the day when ANYONE could get my dad, one of the most manly men I know, to dress as Cher. His favorite casino apparently had some sort of "Celebrity Dress Up" contest on Bingo night. The best costumed couple won a cash prize. So here you go! Presenting a 6'1" electrician and his bat shit crazy girlfriend, aka Sunny & Cher!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Be a PART of the new and exclusive JordanSweets' VIP Club!

Be a PART of the new and exclusive JordanSweets' VIP Club! 

I started to do the blogging thing a minute ago but never really allowed it to get of the ground. 
I'm back again and trying to do things right. 

I believe that everyone has a story and some people's stories just seem to be a bit more interesting than others. I find that my life is a magnet for a lot of drama. My friends and family always say that I have great stories to share so I thought I'd finally share them. Blogging I believe is the best way to do it since nobody wants to sit around and listen top your blabber unless they have a fancy couch and are charging you $200 an hour!

As a result, here you go, you have Miss Jordan here! Honest, real, and straight to the point. It does not get much more blatant than this. I hope you enjoy what I have to say and look I forward to incorporating your feedback into my future posts.

As always, thank you so much for all your continued support and love. I would not be where I am at today without you and I always remember that you guys create the foundation upon which I stand on. 

Loving you always,
Miss J. Sweets